LPG Bottle Filling Plants

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LPG Bottle Filling Plants

We have designed and installed semi – automatic & fully automatic LPG Bottle Filling Plants. Size of LPG Bottles for which our plants have been designed are 2 kg to 5 5kg, 14 kg, and 17kg and above.

We use State of Art in line filling machines with Load cells. All control equipment like Stoppers, lifting Platform for filling machine, check Weighment & Pushers are operated through Pneumatic Signals.

We have also designed completely automatic PLC controlled line using intrinsically safe caballing. We have also designed and supplied continuous inline water baths.

For the plants of lower capacities, we have supplied vertical inline Water bath stations.

Our dual chain conveyors are of a modular design, Standard units are put together to give complete loops. All our stations are designed & manufactured & tested In – House. This makes it possible for us to support our clients with reliable Spares.