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For the food and agro industries in particular, we offer food handling, automatic weighing & packing system which is extremely versatile continuous system to handle different kinds of fruits & vegetables.

HEM systems are very compatible and have low cost engineering. HEM has also designed and developed STATE OF THE ART indigenous equipment like Grader & Sorting machine, BOPP Tape Sealing Machine, Automatic Weighing & packing machine & Jantri Machine.

The contact parts of the above machine are made either from SS Material or other hygienic materials to keep intact hygienic quality of fruits & vegetables.

HEM ensures 100% accuracy for its equipment in Food & Agro Market. HEM is also manufacturing machinery for Dairy industries as well as other Agro industries. HEM has supplied various kinds of conveyors & other equipment to Dairy Industries.

HEM has also manufactured tailor made Salt Iodization plants for their valued customers.